SiriKit Extensions added to iOS 11

Adding third party extensions to Siri is very different from adding third party extensions to Alexa or Google Home.  On Alexa and Google Home, the extensions are web based and run in the cloud.  For Siri extensions, Apple uses native Apps that run on the device, are compliled, and usually written in Swift.  SiriKit is the framework that developers use to allow their Apps to use Siri.   Read More >>> about SiriKit Extensions added to iOS 11

iOS 11 improvements to Siri

Apple revealed the new features in iOS 11 at their WWDC developer event last week.  Craig Federighi spend several minutes (well, slightly under three minutes to be exact) to show the new features of Siri.  It is not clear if these changes are only on iOS or if they will extend to macOS, tvOS and the HomePod.   Read More >>> about iOS 11 improvements to Siri

Amazon Echo Family

Amazon invented the hands-free, always-on voice assistant when the first Echo was released in June 2015.  The company hit on a new type of device, which is being emulated by Google and Microsoft and possibly Apple.  Because of the Echo's ease of use, it quickly became very popular for home automation, listening to music, getting the weather and traffic and a slew of informational purposes.   Read More >>> about Amazon Echo Family


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