Stupid 'Google Home' Voice Tricks

It's Friday here at VoiceDesigned and not just any friday, it is the friday before a holiday weekend!  It's pretty certain we're not getting much done today. 

In the fine tradition of humor, we present Stupid Google Voice Tricks.  Not the first in a series of articles that show the phrases you can say to Google Home which result in an amusing or fun answer from our favorite voice assistant. Read More >>> about Stupid 'Google Home' Voice Tricks

Controlling Your Entertainment System with Alexa and the Harmony Hub

Home automation is all the rage, especially when you have a voice assistant like Alexa to give commands.  It usually refers to the ability to control lighting, thermostats, security and home appliances remotely.  However, there is another piece of your life you might want to control with voice commands: your entertainment center.

An entertainment center usually centers around your television but also includes a stereo receiver, multiple game consoles and set top boxes.  This article take a look at how you can setup your entertainment center to be controlled from your Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap (or any Alexa device).  You will require a piece of hardware called the Harmony Hub. Read More >>> about Controlling Your Entertainment System with Alexa and the Harmony Hub

Alexa on Fire Tablet and VoiceCast

Alexa on Fire Tablet was birthed in October of 2016.  The feature is available on all current shipping Fire Tablets. In addition, an interesting feature called VoiceCast is also available.  If you have another Alexa device like the Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap devices, you can automatically have visual output (like text or images) sent to the Fire Tablet lockscreen through a feature called VoiceCast.  Read More >>> about Alexa on Fire Tablet and VoiceCast

Siri on macOS

It is about time that the Siri voice assistant made it to the Mac!   Siri has already been on the iPhone for five years, and was added as a huge feature to the companies set-top box, the Apple TV in October of 2015.  Here, We look at how Siri on macOS works compared to Siri on the Iphone.  We'll take a look at some unique features and find out how you can make use of them.  As it turns out Siri has many abilities unique to just the Mac! Read More >>> about Siri on macOS


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