Amazon Alexa as a Platform

I was at a holiday party recently and was asked "What is the Amazon Echo?"  It seemed like a simple question.  Yet, as I started giving an answer, trying to keep it practical rather than technical, I realized this was a harder question than I thought. Even Alexa will give an answer:

"Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant developed by's Lab126, made popular by the Echo."

This explanation doesn't give an idea of what Alexa is.  We know Alexa is sold as a speaker system, which is the way it gets into our house, because at least that provides a reasonable explanation to what it is, everybody knows what a speaker is.   Read More >>> about Amazon Alexa as a Platform

Stupid Alexa Voice Tricks

it's Friday here at VoiceDesigned, so that means we can have a little fun.  We are going to kick off Stupid Alexa Voice Tricks.  We all love our Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap devices.  Sometimes we go out of our way to find responses that are humorous or funny.   

Exit now if you don't like to be amused.   

The screen captures here were taken on an Amazon FireTV device, and are the exact same results you would get if you muttered them to the Echo, Dot or Tap.  It is the same output you will see show-up in the Alexa Companion App.  The only difference is we see the output on the television screen.  The slight change is we don't need to use the wake work on the FireTV. Read More >>> about Stupid Alexa Voice Tricks


The Best Workout Skills for Amazon Alexa

Fitness is important, and sometimes life keeps us so busy it is hard to get a good workout in.  Luckily we have Alexa on the Amazon Echo or Dot to offer another set of tricks (or should we say skills?) to her ability to keep us fit.  There are several categories of skills related to workouts: those that act as a personal trainer, those that inspire and motivate us and those that give more information like a stop watch or information about your fitness status.   Read More >>> about The Best Workout Skills for Amazon Alexa



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