Alexa on the Web

With the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) development kit developers can access Alexa from devices other than the Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap voice assistants.  We have seen how a variety of third party manufacturers have created things like a watch, an intercom, a lamp and other connected speakers which make use of this powerful service.  Now there is a way to access it from a regular web browser. Read More >>> about Alexa on the Web

Have you Been Wondering What's the Big Deal with Echo Dot?

It can be confusing keeping track of all the different electronic devices out there.  One of those is the Amazon Echo Dot voice assistant.  It can be challenging to know the differences between the regular Amazon Echo and the shorter Amazon Echo Dot.  There is also some confusion as to how they can be used.  Let's get to the root of these questions in this article. Read More >>> about Have you Been Wondering What's the Big Deal with Echo Dot?


Making Amazon Echo Kid Proof

Everybody loves their Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap voice assistant.  Especially kids love speaking to Alexa, the voice of the intelligence inside the Echo devices.  As a result of kids loving Alexa, parents love Alexa even more!  Here's what you need to do to make sure your Amazon Echo is safe for your kids (and that your kids are safe for the Echo).  First, let's look at some ways Alexa can be useful with kids around. Read More >>> about Making Amazon Echo Kid Proof


WTF is IFTTT? - Things You Should Know!

If you have looked into customizing your voice assistant like the Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap or the Google Home, you might have heard of a web site called IFTTT. It sounds like a top secret code word for some sort of cold war military operation. Luckily, it's a lot simpler than that and can add a lot of custom functionality to your favorite voice assistant.  Read More >>> about WTF is IFTTT? - Things You Should Know!

Google Home Third Party Actions Coming Soon

From the moment Google Home was announced, we were told that the service powering it would be open to third party developers.  The idea is to let companies outside of Google add capability to this incredible voice assistant.   Examples might include ordering pizza, getting an Uber, connecting to a travel booking site, supporting new home automation or streaming music from a new site.  Google has recently provided an update to the status of the their third party developer extension program. Read More >>> about Google Home Third Party Actions Coming Soon


5 Cool Intelligent Assistants in Entertainment

It doesn't matter if you prefer Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana or the Google Assistant. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. What is great is the convenience they provide.  The little ways they make chores easier through their voice commands 

But sometimes you wonder, where did the idea for this come from? Science fiction has always been a rich forum for authors to dream up futuristic inventions and later kids to be inspired to make it happen.  It's been an inspiration to generations of kids who became scientists and engineers in order to figure out how these innovations can actually become real. Read More >>> about 5 Cool Intelligent Assistants in Entertainment



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