Apple’s HomePod

The WWDC got kicked off with a great start and Apple has announced a bunch of new and updated computers along with operating system updates and even new products.  It is their new HomePod smart speaker  that I was waiting to hear about. 

Apple has gone with a high-end product, and although the device is not yet available, sounds like they are trying to avoid any comparisons with other voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home, are trying to market the HomePod first, as a speaker system.

They were able to add the multi-room audio, much as I predicted.  Of course, many of the other things I would have liked to have seen come into play were not announced.

Clearly the device will not be fore everybody.  Most; users of Apple products are familiar with the more expensive nature of them, so the price might not be that big of a deal for these users.  As a multi-room speaker system, it sounds like they are competing with Sonos more than anybody else. 

We were not told to what extent Siri support will be embedded, other than a music expert (‘musicologist’).  There was not much information about third party music services being supported such as Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn or iHeartRadio. 

The situation is different on the Echo and GH forums.  As some have said “I could get seven Echo Dots and put one in every corner of my house for the price of the HomePod.”  Similar comments were said about buying nearly three GH devices for the price of one HomePod. 

For budget minded individuals, the HomePod might not be the wisest choice.  For those deeply ingrained in the Apple ecosystem, and if you love Apple Music, the HomePod is probably a great addition to your system. It doesn't come out for another six months.  It ships in December 2017.



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