The Best Workout Skills for Amazon Alexa

Fitness is important, and sometimes life keeps us so busy it is hard to get a good workout in.  Luckily we have Alexa on the Amazon Echo or Dot to offer another set of tricks (or should we say skills?) to her ability to keep us fit.  There are several categories of skills related to workouts: those that act as a personal trainer, those that inspire and motivate us and those that give more information like a stop watch or information about your fitness status.  

To use any skills, remember that you need to enable them.  Use the Alexa Companion App (or the links included below) to click on the Enable button.  Or, just say "Alexa, Enable <skillname>".  None of these skills require account linking, so you should be fine enabling them with voice alone.

Let's check them out!

Fitbit - If you own a Fitbit Activity tracker like the Charge 2 or the Zip (my favorite) this is a great skill to enable.  These wearable devices are used to track how many steps you take in a day.  It is suggested to take 10,000 steps a day (about 4 miles).  Just say "Alexa, ask Fitbit how many steps I have taken"  To find out where you are for the day.  I find it handy to get your step count from Alexa.  She will say when the last activity event happened.

7 Minute Workout - This skill offers a set of exercises designed to be valuable to your health.  It offers a variety of routines and has the ability to track finished routines and continue with existing workouts already started.   Say "Alexa, Start a 7-Minute Workout".

Fitness Exercises - A handy little skill in which Alexa will give you a random exercise to complete, like squats or jumping jacks.  It is intended to get your blood flowing and a workout started.  It gets me off the couch and exercising, it might work for you too!

Fitness Motivation Quote - The idea here is to deliver an inspiring and motivating fitness related quote that will get you motivated to start your workout.  Say "Alexa, Ask Fit Coach to Motivate me".  

Running Guru - If running is your thing, this is another skill produced to give you some motivation to get that push needed to get out there and run.  Use "Alexa, ask Running Guru to inspire me".

Fast Watch - This skill is intended to help you time your workout.  It's main purpose is to give Alexa the ability to have a Stop Watch feature.  After enabling, say "Alexa open Fast Watch".  It will start counting. When you are ready to get your time you say "Alexa, End".  It will then tell you how long it took.  

What do you think?  Do you see any that might add to your exercise routine?  Don't forget, Alexa is always great at playing music.  With an Audible account you can listen to your audio books, of which many of them are educational.  Finally, you can use Alexa to read your Kindle books outloud.  




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