Echo can now take a Selfie!

Amazon announced the new echo look product today.  At it's core, this is a voice controlled digital camera, which has all the regular voice assistant features of Alexa.  The idea is one that the echo look is kept in the bedroom, and can be used when you try on different sets of clothing.  You can then use the hands-free camera to have the device take your picture.  The pictures show up in the Alexa companion App.

You can also take short videos.  The device has a built in flash, so it will always get a good picture.  It also has a Style Guide feature, in wihich Amazon will recommend clothing for you.  

Hold on to your money.  The echo look is not yet open for everybody, as you have to request an invitation in order to purchase it.  HINT: If you have an Amazon Prime membership you are probably higher up on the list then if you are not.

Current price point is $199.99 which is more expensive then the regular echo.  It is nice seeing Amazon try some new things.  I don't see myself using this product, but I could see others who think it is great.  Even though we all have a camera in our phone, for those who want to share their great new outfits this would be a very handy way to do it.  At the end of the day, we all know that Amazon is most interested in using Alexa to sell us more stuff, and this device looks like it will help further that goal.



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