Free Amazon Smart Home Consultation

It looks like Amazon is really going full speed ahead with getting their users up to speed with Home Automation.  Anybody who has actually started on a home automation project often finds it can take some effort to get things setup and working right.   

Part of the, Ahem, challenge is that this concept of home automation is still in it's infancy.  Software updates are constantly being created, skills need to get linked.  New hardware is arriving at a breathtaking speed.

So, it seems Amazon has created a special service to help people get up to speed with their home automation, and especially with the integration of the Echo.  I received an email from Amazon advertising this service.  Unfortunately it is not yet available in my area, and it seems it is not yet available in most areas, but if you live in Seattle, Washington you are in luck!

If this service interests you, there is a web page you can check if home consultation is available in your area.  I imagine most people reading this can figure out how to do it all themselves.  It might be you are too busy to spend the time, or maybe you want to give it as a gift to someone else who does not have the necessary skills to set it up themselves.  Or they are across the country.  You get the idea!

There are some good sales going on right now.  You can get an idea for how much the service costs at this page.  It seems to be based on each product you want setup. 

List price is around $100 per device.  An In-Home expert setup for the Echo Dot runs $10 on sale.  This includes 1 hour consultation including initial setup, music setup, custom skill setup.   If you want smart lights setup, that is considered another device.  One could start spending several hundred dollars on setup with this service.

Thinking about this more, maybe Amazon needs to offer some sort of ongoing support.  We all know that this home automation is fantastic when it works, and when it stops working it IS NOT fantastic.  Sometimes all that needs to be done is a power cycle ("Did you turn it off and on again?") but other times it requires updating firmware or software.

We'll see how this service goes!


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