Google Assistant Arriving on Android 6 & 7 (Nougat / Marshmallow)

Since shipping in November of 2016, analysts have estimated about 500,000 Google Home units have been sold.  Google Home contains the powerful Google Assistant. Although Google Home is the most common place to access Google Assistant, it is not the only place!  You could also use your Pixel phone, the Allo chat platform (on iOS and Android) and Google Assistant has even made it to Android Wear 2.0 which you most likely access with your smartwatch.

In the same way that Siri ships on all iPhones, Google Assistant is coming to phones running the latest versions of Android.  If your Android phone is running either Marshmallow (Android 6) or Nougat (Android 7) you too will have access to Google Assistant.  This update is rolling out to English speaking users in the U.S. (first) followed by Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom and then German speakers in Germany.  If you have Google Play Services installed you will automatically get the udpate.  

One more thing!   Google Assistant will be coming to Android TV and NVIDIA Shield as well.  It is awesome to see Google add this incredible technology to every area it can.  How long will it be until we can get Google Assistant on our Chromebooks?  We'll find out...



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