New Windows 10 Cortana Appearance

As the latest update to consumer based Windows 10 rolls out, Microsoft is delivering some new and interesting features.  One change is in the visual user interface for Cortana.  You remember she is the star of the science fiction video game shooter Halo, and the name of the Microsoft Voice Assistant.

What used to open up a small windows about the size of the Start menu now opens a full screen window.  This is the window which shows that the system is listening, along with a build up of the voice commands which have been provided

This is an interesting change, as it lets Microsoft take advantage of the full screen, and use this to help the user.  Maybe Microsoft is considering that in addition to voice commands, maybe they can make use of that big huge screen (or two)  the user has sitting there on their desk (or lap) unlike other voice assistants?  That could be one way to differentiate Cortana.

I would like to see Microsoft use this to drive their innovation.  Although they need to keep Cortana able to respond in a voice-only manner, they could use this to combine the output of what Cortana says along with any visual output could also assist.  This makes sense, considering people who are using Cortana are most likely in front of their computer anyway.


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