Positive Affirmations and Amazon Alexa

Do you believe "You become what you think about"?  If so, you are probably aware of the idea of purposely keeping positive thoughts going through your mind by repeating empowering phrases.  You may have heard of Louise Hay or Norman Vicent Peale.   However, did you know Alexa on the Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap  can help you with your positive affirmations?

Those people who believe in keeping their mind directed to thoughts which make them feel good often read phrases from books or those they find on the Internet or their own favorite list that they have found useful.  Instead of reading them, this skill will have Alexa say them out loud, and give you the opportunity to repeat them back.  This exercise of saying them out-loud verbally is said to engage the mind in a way different from reading.

It is almost like having your own life coach to keep you on track! 

MyThoughts is the name of the skill and you can enable it with "Alexa, enable MyThoughts", or you can go to the Alexa Companion App and Enable it.  There is no need for account linking.

It is easy to start.  Just say "Alexa, Open MyThoughts".  The custom skill will start.  Alexa will voice a random postive affirmation, and ask you to repeat it.  You repeat it.  She will give you a new one, and you repeat it.  This will continue on as long as you desire.  There are over 500 affirmations.  When you are done, say "Alexa, Stop".  It is as easy as that!

I hope you have a postive day!

VoiceDesigned parent company, NTP are the developers of the MyThoughts skill.  There is also an iOS app called MyThoughts+ which you can view on the AppStore.  If you like positive affirmations, you might also check out one of our other iOS App, named BTFL (after BeauTiFuL thoughts).  Both of these primarily use the screen.  The second one has an option to read the affirmation aloud as you view it.



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