Spotify Premium and Amazon Alexa

One of the best uses for Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap  is playback of music.  One of the most loved music services is Spotify.  This article shows you how to play your Spotify music on your Amazon Echo device.  We start with setup, then follow with all the ways you can listen to and control your Spotify music.

One thing to note is that there is (unfortunately) no support for playing the free tier of Spotify on Alexa.  If you are not ready to subscribe, you might consider looking into Pandora or iHeartRadio which both support a free level of service on Alexa.  Although, as this article is being published, Spotify is having a sale where you receive three months for one dollar (usually it is $10/month).  This is (of course) only available if you have not already received a discount in the past.  If you don't see the offer from the link, it means you are not eligible (sorry!).


You need to link your Spotify account to Alexa.  This is done with the Alexa Companion App.  You need to choose Settings > Music & Media > Spotify and click on the link for "Link account on".  This allows you to enter your Spotify login and password information.  

The other option you should consider setting, although it is not required is to set Spotify as your default music provider. This is purely for convenience, as if you do not, you'll have to always to tell Alexa to play your music from Spotify.  This setting is updated by choosing  Settings > Music & Media > Tap "Choose default music services" button.  From the presented list, make sure you set the Default music library and click on the Done button.


Once you have it setup, there are ways to listen to music by song, by album, by artist and by playlist.  The set of commands here assume you have changed Spotify to your default music library.  If you did not do so, for every command you will have to append the phrase "on Spotify" to the end of each command.

  • To play a song: "Alexa, play Telephone by Lady Gaga"
  • To play an album: "Alexa, play Appetite for destruction by Guns 'n Roses"
  • To play an artist: "Alexa play songs by Bob Marley"
  • To play a playlist: "Alexa, play Running Mix playlist"
  • To play a genre: "Alexa, play jazz music"

You also have control over playback with phrases like "Alexa, Pause", "Alexa, Stop", "Alexa, Volume Up" or "Alexa, Volume Down" or even "Alexa, set volume to 8".

The general structure to getting the music you like using voice commands is as follows:

  • By song: "Alexa, play [song name] by [artist]"
  • By album: "Alexa, play [album name] by [artist]"
  • By artist: "Alexa, play song by [artist]"
  • By playlist: "Alexa, play [playlist name] playlist"
  • By genre: "Alexa, play [genre] music"

That's it.  It works really well, and I was happy to find so many ways to play my music.  

Is Spotify worth it?  What do you think?  


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