Stupid Voice Assistant Advertisements

Hello Friday!  Welcome to another episode of extreme stupidity all in the name of a couple of laughs.  This is where we look at the state of the art of technology purely for humor sake.  This week, we take a look at the best television commercial for a voice assistant. 

Amazon Alexa

Well, the winner has to be the commercial first televised during 2016's Superbowl, with Alex Baldwin, Dan Marino, Jason Schwartzman & Missy Elliott with over 19 Million views. 

Amazon clearly has the lead in commercials, as they have been around the longest.  The runner up winner is probably this one regarding eternal regret.  You can watch all Alexa commercials at this link. Amazon has been doing a great job with bringing in celebrities to help sell more Echo's and you'll also find Garth Brooks there too.   

Google Home

Well, Google has a couple of their own.  Although Google Home was released at the end of 2016, there are still several commercials available.  Google seems to focus on describing features over adding humor.  The winner is this one with over a million views. 

You can also check out the official Google Home commercial.  Clearly these are more videos of showing what Google Home can do.


Microsoft Cortana

Well, Microsoft hasn't shipped their stand alone device yet.  There is only one video available for that, so it wins by default.

There are sure to be more commercials coming for the Microsoft Cortana device.  We'll keep you updated as they come.

Do YOU have an idea for something completely stupid you might like to see featured some friday?  Leave us a message or contact us.  


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