Understanding the Harmony Hub and Home Automation

We previously looked at how the Harmony Hub can be used to control your entertainment system and how it integrates with Alexa voice control on the Amazon EchoDot or Tap.  There is another aspect to the Harmony Hub that needs to be addressed, and that is the area of Home Automation. 

In addition to the support for all the components in your entertainment system, it turns out that the Harmony Hub supports several products that are used for home automation: specifically lighting, shading controller (automatic window coverings) and thermostat.    

These are the products that Harmony Hub supports for Home Automation:

You can check any new devices at the Harmony Compatability page.

Amazon EchoDot or Tap using Alexa as your voice assistant, you don't need the Harmony Hub to control any of the home automation devices in the above list.  However, if you also use the Harmony Remote Control,  there are actually six buttons available that let you control Activities via the remote control.  This might appeal to you, as it is always handy to use a remote control then to speak over a loud television. 

The Harmony Hub is a great system to use to control your entertainment system.  The fact that it also supports some areas of home automation is great.  Unfortunately, the coverage is fairly minimal, but it is better than nothing.  There is always the likely hood that the list of supported devices will be extended.

The previous article already showed how to get the Harmony Hub working with Alexa, and you should check out that article for step by step instructions.


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