Stupid Siri Voice Tricks

Here we are again!  It is another episode of Stupid Voice Tricks featuring the always funny and usually helpful Siri.   It's Friday which is the good news!  The first week of the new year nearly complete.  These screen grabs are compliments of the 9.7" iPad Pro with WiFi.  You can see most of the responses don't nearly need the amount of space available on the screen.   Without further is time for this weeks episode of Stupid Siri Voice Tricks. Read More >>> about Stupid Siri Voice Tricks


Siri Apple TV vs. Alexa FireTV Voice Commands

The two premium set-top boxes: Amazon FireTV and Apple TV 4, side by side.  You can look elsewhere for detailed breakdowns of the difference in hardware and software.  For this "voice-off" we are looking at one thing and one thing only: how well each set top box responds to voice commands and questions.  We pit Siri against Alexa. Read More >>> about Siri Apple TV vs. Alexa FireTV Voice Commands


5 Cool Intelligent Assistants in Entertainment

It doesn't matter if you prefer Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana or the Google Assistant. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. What is great is the convenience they provide.  The little ways they make chores easier through their voice commands 

But sometimes you wonder, where did the idea for this come from? Science fiction has always been a rich forum for authors to dream up futuristic inventions and later kids to be inspired to make it happen.  It's been an inspiration to generations of kids who became scientists and engineers in order to figure out how these innovations can actually become real. Read More >>> about 5 Cool Intelligent Assistants in Entertainment


Hey Siri: How to Enable Hands Free Siri

Most people don't know that Siri, the voice assistant we have had since the iPhone 4S and was introduced in 2011 can also be used in hands free mode.  Early versions of Siri worked with the user holding the Home button while speaking their voice commands.  

However, this hands free mode, known as Hey Siri, was added in 2015.  It works on the iPhone 6S and later as well as 3rd Generation iPad or later.  It will also work on the iPhone 5S, but the 5S must be plugged into a power outlet. Let's learn exactly how to set this up. Read More >>> about Hey Siri: How to Enable Hands Free Siri


6 Ways to Make Siri Do More Now

What if, you are a third party software developer and want your users to tell Siri to command your App to do something? For the first time in five years this is now possible. With a new feature in iOS 10, we third party software developers can now add voice control support to our App!

Siri is great!  Millions of people use this intelligent assistant on their iPhone and iPad to get their work done.  Read More >>> about 6 Ways to Make Siri Do More Now


These 4 Intelligent Assistants Make Life Easier

Voice assistants have finally become mainstream.  Not only can we can now use voice commands on automated phone systems, much of the electronics available is starting to embrace voice as a way to control the experience.  

Here, I am going to look at the four most important voice assistants available now:  Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana.  We'll take a brief look at advantages and disadvantages of each one. Read More >>> about These 4 Intelligent Assistants Make Life Easier


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